Easy, Safe and Comfort Intensive Care Ventilator

We are happy to announce that we are partner and authorized distributor of MEK Intensive Care Systems. MEK-ICS Co, Ltd. is a leading technical company in the field of medical equipment for intensive care patients. We are engaged to do our best in the current situation and to make a contribution for the accomplishment of the immense challenges in the health service. With the MV2000 EVO 5 we offer a safe and comfortable intensive care ventilator. The device is ISO/CE certified and can be made available in an appropriate time.
We are at your side with our competent team if you have any question.

Comfort Use Ventilator

15 inch TFT LCD screen with Easy & Simple UI
Various ventilation modes:

Specification Optional Ventilation Mode: PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Apnea Back-up ventilation, Spont, O2 Stream®, PRVC, Bi-Level, AwPRV, AutoVent®, TCPL-AC, TCPL-SIMV, PRVC-SIMV, CPR
Specification Ventilation Mode: SHFV®, DHFV®

Easy to manage Ventilator

Parts remaining time indication

  • Improved intuitiveness of maintenance
  • Efficient management of expected replacement time
  • Reminder display with automatic alarm system when replacement cycle is imminent

Smart PC viewer system (PC program)

  • Easy to understand with block diagram
  • Easy to check internal system status
  • Easy to adjust & calibrate without disassembly (Programmable pneumatic system)
  • e-Manual & e-Instruction

Reduce Ventilator Induced Lung Injury

Lung protection tool
The MV2000 lung protective tool is one of solution to perform lung recruitment maneuvers.
The lower inflection point indicates the point at which collapsed airways reopen. This can be affected by both airway closure and alveolar collapse (causing the point to be farther to the right – more pressure required to open the airways).
The upper inflection point represents the point at which further applied pressure will result in over-distention. The ventilator will automatically recalculate the Vdelta once the new inflection point is identified.

High frequency ventilation for rescue use
MV2000 provides a high level of clinical performance for all the clinical demands from conventional to high frequency ventila- tion. MEKICS unique pneumatic technology extends the applica- bility of MV2000 EVO 5 to HFV without any additional hardware apparatus such as specific breathing circuit and respiratory tubes. It has also possibility to extend the use from neonatal to adult patient