Working together for a better medical care

6 tons of refrigerated medicines by express charter flight from Portugal to Libya

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AIRA Pharm GmbH and its employees are committed to affordable and accessible pharmaceutical care. We work hard every day to prevent drug shortages – especially in structurally weaker countries. We thus make an effective contribution to the success of the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to high-quality products, we offer excellent service, high performance standards and extensive safety awareness. This corporate philosophy is complemented by comprehensive, up-to-date expertise – combined with continuous training of our team. AIRA Pharm has more than 10 years of experience in trading, storage and transportation of prescription drugs, medical devices and related services in the EMEA economic area.

Loading of medicines at Porto airport.
The aircraft was chartered from Tunis.
Onward transport in the cooling truck.

Cool, Safe & Quickly: 6 tons of refrigerated medicines by express charter flight from Portugal to Libya

Together for better medical care: Almost 6 tons of urgently needed medicines were sent on their way from Porto to Tripoli by charter flight in mid-November 2020. These were mainly sedatives and anesthetics for use in intensive care, pain therapy and emergency medicine, which are used in particular to contain and manage the Corona pandemic in Libya.
The drugs were transported from the manufacturer Laboratórios Basi in Mortágua, Portugal, to Porto Airport in the cooled packaging required. The goods were flown to Mitiga International Airport in Libya on a Boeing 737-300F specially chartered for this purpose from Express Air Cargo in Tunisia and immediately forwarded by refrigerated transport to the warehouse of the Libyan Ministry of Health. From there, distribution is made to hospitals and clinics throughout the country. By the way, the transport from the manufacturer‘s warehouse to the recipient‘s warehouse took less than 9 hours!
We would like to thank all employees of the companies and authorities involved for this special effort!

Arrival at the Libyan Ministry of Health warehouse.

Since 2018, Noor Al-Amana is one of the established healthcare distribution companies in Libya. Noor Al-Amana is a subsidiary of DAWADI GROUP Holding, one of the pioneers of Libyan trading companies for more than 40 years.
Healthcare is a strategic sector in Libya. Therefore, Noor Al-Amana works to provide hospitals, pharmacies and patients in the country with high quality, safe and efficient products. These products are manufactured by the world‘s leading pharmaceutical companies, with whom we have a long and trusted partnership.

The mission of Laboratórios Basi is to develop, manufacture, market and distribute on a global scale pharmaceuticals and therapeutic solutions characterized by the excellence of European quality, supported by innovative technologies in a flexible and competitive manner. The vision is to become he largest national manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Portugal and a European reference through quality, flexibility, technological innovation and competitiveness.
Laboratórios Basi has a history of more than 50 years, built on a variety of events, experiences and continuous learning.